Founded in 2013 as a digital publishing business that created a highly acclaimed book about the anatomy of human body, and used by major motion picture studios, artists and scientists. 

Exonicus pivoted in 2015 by developing 3D software technology for medical anatomy education. Using our unique skills and advances in the fields of 3D computer graphics and medicine - ultrasound, computed tomography, magnetic resonance, we completed our 3D human anatomy data-base and did pilot projects for the University of Washington, Massachusetts General Hospital and Madigan Army Medical Center.

Trauma Simulator

Exonicus and the Madigan Army Medical Center’s Research Department initiated a project three years ago to create the First trauma simulator capable of running without an instructor. The primary focus was decision training (i.e. cueing) when to initiate a blood transfusion, place a chest tube, or complete a cricothyrotomy. The system leverages a highly-responsive, validated physiology simulation funded by over $7 million in prior DoD based research.


What we do

Similar to a pilot’s flight simulator, the Trauma Simulator is a free-play virtual reality training software platform capable of training military medical personnel through dynamic physiologic responsive simulations that allow decision-training without an instructor. 

Virtual environments include multiple echelons of care (ROLE I-III), and medical evacuation platforms. The rooms, equipment, and medical supplies in the simulator correspond identically to real-world locations.

The experience is built around engaging simulations requiring active decision making to manage patients with the top battlefield killers: airway obstruction, tension pneumothorax, and hemorrhage. A mass casualty event with multiplayer functionality is integrated into the training experience. 

We have pushed the traditional boundaries of medical education technology with a new business model that accelerates advances in how emergency medicine is taught, learned, and practiced and how patient care is delivered and administered, thereby resulting in savings in time and money.