Exonicus has received a phase 2 award by the United States Army Medical Research and Development Command.

Exonicus has received a phase 2 award by the United States Army Medical Research and Development Command (USAMRDC) to provide a modification to Exonicus’ IVR Training Simulator by incorporating the Multiple Echelons of Care (ROLES I-III) and medical evacuation platforms in battlefield environments. This is a Virtual Reality Training Platform that is already in use by the US Army.

Exonicus and the the Madigan Army Medical Center’s (MAMC) Research Department initiated a project three years ago to create the first trauma simulator capable of running without an instructor. 

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Similar to flight simulators that airplane pilots use to train on and gain experience for a variety of dangerous scenarios, the Trauma Simulator is a free-play, virtual reality training platform capable of training medical personnel through dynamic and physiologically accurate patient injury simulations, and in doing so, provides for increased experience, practice, feedback, and critical decision training.

Exonicus Trauma Simulator won SimVentors Serious Games and Virtual Environments SimVentors Showcase at the International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare IMSH (2020) and has been presented at the Special Operations Medical Scientific Assembly (2019), Military Health Science Research Symposium (2019), American College of Emergency Physicians Scientific Assembly (2019), Joint Services Symposium Emergency Medicine (2019), DHA Strategic Simulation Summit (2019).

Exonicus Trauma Simulator has received a grant of the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Latvia.

The main scientific partners are the University of Washington and the Rigas Stradins University Medical Technology Education Center and Military Medical Research and Study Center.

Exonicus is based at the CoMotion Labs of University of Washington, Seattle, WA USA and TechHub Riga, Latvia. 



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